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The six things we’re great at

 Wherever your brand touches a consumer, a branding agency should be involved. We can work tirelessly on a meaningful new logo one day, and then be planning  a launch event the next. We could be strategizing ways to reach a new market segment, or be designing a trade show booth— often at the same time.
Or we could just sit down with you, shut up, and let you tell us about your business.

Brand Development

From concept to roll out, we create new brands that resonate out of the gate.

Event Planning & Execution

We’ve planned and executed dozens of events from biridal shows to film festivals. And we can produce yours.

Research & Analytics

Before we do anything, we look at the numbers and determine where your market is and how to reach it.

Social Media Branding

We are intimately familiar with all the social media platforms, and we know how to harness their power.

Communications & Messaging

We’re Wordsmiths at heart, and we create impactful messaging designed to create new fans of your brand.

Listening & Building Relationships

Last but most importantly, we spend most of our time listening to our clients and letting them drive the car.

Logo Design


Web Development


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Video Production

Some of Our Customers

Meet your designer

Hear Media + Marketing, LLC, was founded in 2002 when Eric Hause combined his passion for working with small businesses and non-profits into a boutique branding and marketing agency.

He kinda knows what he’s doing, too. He has over 40 years of combined branding and marketing experience. 

HEAR is LGBT-owned and operated, and proudly committed to the arts, the LGBT community, and locally owned small businesses and nonprofits. 

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