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print & digital

We believe in the visual impact of print combined with the reach of digital. That’s why we integrate the two to give your message resonance.

Branding & Strategy

Before there is a dime spent, there is brand. We help you create it and manage it with graphic design, messaging, and audience targeting.

Marketing & Advertising

We’re flexible. We can be your agency of record, design an ad, produce thousands of brochures, or place digital ads with thousands of impressions.

PR & Events

We love putting our clients in front of real humans. We can produce a thrilling promotional event that gets the attention of new customers.


We’re experienced.
We’re creative.
We’re fun.
We are HEAR.

Our company was founded in 2002 when Eric Hause combined his passion for working with small businesses and non-profits into a boutique branding and marketing agency.

Today, that passion serves a the foundation for our work in the community. And we know what we're doing, too. We have over 50 years of combined branding and marketing experience.

We are gay owned and operated and proud to be a boutique agency committed to the arts, the LGBTQ community, and locally owned businesses.



Eric Hause is a 35-year marketing, event planning, and sales professional. He has held top-level management positions in corporate, government, and non-profit organizations across a diverse spectrum of industries including weddings, performing arts, tourism, and new media.


Andrew Roberts has 25 years experience in conference and event management, marketing and communications, special events, and fundraising in non-profit, government, and cooperate environments.

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